The Incredible Feet

Veterans Art Exhibition

Our military have walked the walk, carrying the defense of our freedoms into combat.  This exhibition will portray those who stand for us in the face of battle.
In a multi-media visual arts exhibition to open in 2017 in Grand Junction, CO, artwork by our veterans and those in service to the nation will be exhibited and will remain on display for  a period of one month.
The exhibition will portray the feet of the nation as experienced by those who walked into battle.  Entry is open to veterans, active duty and military families.
A Catalogue of all submitted artwork will be provided for each entrant and available to the public.
Entries will include many genre including photography, sculpture, painting, printmaking, drawing and more.  Prizes will be awarded for both judge selected and peoples choice in all categories.  Featured Artists will be showcased.
Participants will have an option of selling their artwork at the exhibition, online and through the catalogue.
An Army cannot preserve good order unless its soldiers have meat in their bellies, coats on their backs and shoes on their feet.” - The Duke of Marlborough

Operation Revamp, Inc

Theme:  ‘The Incredible Feet’


Catalog coming soon

Print and Online



Artworks may be offered for sale during the exhibition however they cannot be removed before the exhibition closes.


Awards for featured artists and peoples choice awards



National Veterans Art Exhibit

  Daniel Ragsdale Combs -IN   Kelly Brockway -GA

  Brenda J Paulson -CO            Gil Credeur   -CO

  Shawna N.M. Barnes -ME       Maria Todd  -NV

   Richard  W. Telford   -MA       Patrick G Metoyer  -CO

  "D" Shannon  -MT                    Donna Fullerton   -CO

  And a special photography exhibit from Afghanistan

By David Hartmann


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