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Slowly but Surely

05/17/2021 20:58 | Wendy Hoffman (Administrator)

We are beginning the first sessions and classes at the Veterans Art Center.  Thanks to some very generous (non member) volunteers we have the gallery semi-cleaned and will be starting the body talk sessions on Tuesday May 25th.  The studio will be open at that time for the bodytalk sessions, veteran fund requests and computer/print/copy/fax use. Anyone wanting to participate will need to be preregistered.  The registration for BodyTalk can be found on the event calendar. If not previously completed, we do need the veterans assistance application filled out online.

Everything else will remain closed until further notice. Members anxious to have things open need to help out a little and relieve the burden on the 2 or 3 that have pitched in over the past year.  Currently, only the gallery and front area will be open.

Volunteers are also needed for fundraising - however you want to do it.  There have been a few Facebook fundraisers throughout the winter and spring but all but one have been non-members from out of State.  It's disappointing that our members are not participating and trying to keep us afloat.  Exceptions of course to those members who have helped out with generous donations. We are very grateful for those.  We only have 2 1/2 months left in this fiscal year. Despite trimming down many of our operational expenses on the budget, our current income is only at 61% of what is required and members need to decide whether they want to reopen or close permanently.

I also use the term members loosely but offer big hugs and the utmost gratitude to those who paid when they expired.  Sadly this has been a small number and a loss of membership dues.

Our veterans emergency fund, transportation, art supplies and other programs have continued and we have processed 188 applications.  BodyTalk and Tai Chi have also been operating for several months.  

I am anxious to reopen if anyone else is interested.


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Goal: $22,312.00
Collected: $18,518.67

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