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07/03/2021 02:29 | Wendy Hoffman (Administrator)

Yes We Are Open - Sorta

If the door is open, c'mon in.  Check the event calendar for scheduled classes and events.  Stop by on Saturday, July 17th between 9 and 11 am for a mini wellness expo and find out what programs and classes are currently offered. The computers are available, woodshop is available and all that is required to access them, or any classes or healing arts sessions, is to complete the online registration form , and we won't bug you again to do it until next July. 

The main studio is not yet open pending volunteers for sorting the plethora of donations that arrived while we have been closed. Classes, for now, will be held in the gallery.  Volunteers are also needed to have a yard sale to eradicate the multitude of non-art related items we unearthed while cleaning last year, along with an excess of some art related items.

Open studio will be restricted to hours we have a volunteer or volunteers on site to monitor and assist.  

Please direct any comments or questions to Wendy by email or text 970-424-2312.  We can do this together but together takes a team.

2022-2023 Donation Goal
Goal: $22,312.00
Collected: $18,518.67

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