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Community Support Required for Operations
Goal: $39,084.00
Collected: $25,011.14
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Critical Needs

08/28/2022 21:44 | Wendy Hoffman (Administrator)

We are still trying to recover from our pandemic setbacks and really need your help.  As an all volunteer organization we did not qualify or were not eligible for many of the Covid recovery grants  because we have no payroll, a common eligibility requirement, even for the City of Grand Junction non-profit grants.

Our community fundraisers ceased and have not picked up any speed as yet and volunteers are only now slowly coming forward to help out.  We NEED your support to survive. 

The donation meter on this page has a one month goal of expenses that will be changed monthly and the amount collected will include all online or offline donations, any sales or fundraiser income, and any other income aside from grants for other programs and services not included in these monthly expense.

Also not included are additional maintenance and repair expenses including an ongoing upgrade to LED and replacement of dead lighting, our healing arts programs that are not currently funded,  and instructor requests for supplies we don't currently have.

Required Monthly Expenses. (September 2022) This amount includes our building, utilities, storage, phone & internet and programs not funded through other grants and does not include those programs or services covered by grants and other funds.

Goal: $2,657.00
Collected: $45.00

Other ways to help!

  • Start an online, Facebook, or virtual fundraiser
  • Plan a community fundraiser or event
  • Organize a yard sale (we have lots of stuff)
  • Ask your Church or community group to consider donating to us.
  • Volunteer to seek out and apply for grants
  • Solicit your employer or other businesses for help.
  • Put a donation box on your counter or start a 'round up' campaign
  • Volunteer to help with expense reduction - like helping clean out the storage locker
  • Have a dinner party with friends and ask for and encourage contributions

2023-2024 Donation Goal
Goal: $22,312.00
Collected: $25,011.14

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