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Volunteers and other updates

05/14/2020 00:54 | Wendy Hoffman (Administrator)

Even though we may no longer be able to meet in person, we're still doing all we can to provide value to our members. The Veterans Art Center is still closed but we are doing what we can to reach out to you and carry out our mission.

Here's more steps we are taking to get through this:

  • We are reaching out to as many as we can to get you set up with arts and craft materials at home.
  • We have delivery and curbside pick up available at this time.
  • Transportation is once again available on a restricted basis
  • GVT Bus passes are available for Veterans
  • Art supplies and kits we have available to you will be posted in the online store and on FaceBook on our page and the group as we get pictures of them.  You can pick what you want and most will be free.

And to help you get through this crisis, if you are in crisis please contact us:

  • We provide emergency food and gas cards to veterans
  • Assistance with housing, utilities and other approved expenses

For any assistance, transportation or art supplies request please complete the online form at operationrevamp.org/Veterans-Assistance-Application

This form is for veterans, family members or caregivers.

Volunteers Needed

During our continued closure we are working on much needed deep cleaning, sorting and reorganizing.  We are also posting a lot of the items that are available for pickup or delivery, at no charge, along with items we have for sale in our online store and on social media.

If you would be interested in helping out with any part, from sorting or assembling craft kits to sorting out storage lockers and hauling metal to the scrapyard please contact me by return email or text me at 970-424-2312 or leave a voice message. I would say phone me but I am very seldom close to my phone and have never gotten into the habit of carrying it around with me.

I am also looking for volunteers to make masks and we have plenty of fabric for you to do it with.  Currently our volunteers are asked to wear masks and masks are mandatory when riding in the suburban so we need several.  Excess will be available for those needing them for the many other places in town with mask requirements. If you would be willing to make some please contact me.


We are in dire straits for our regular monthly expenses.  With the Veterans Art Center being closed we have had little to no income since mid March but regular monthly expenses did not take a break.  Our sales have been non-existent (even the coke machine) and no donations in the jug. Online donations are very low too.   

I would like to request those of you who can, to help us out with online fundraising. One of the best in our experience is the FaceBook fundraisers and you can create one at  https://www.facebook.com/fund/VeteransArtCenter/

By creating the fundraiser and sharing it with your friends the donation income is usually greater than if you just share one someone else created.  If you take the time to create it your friends are more apt to consider donating because they trust you.

Additionally, we are offering our soap and other items in the online store.  As with everything in the store, if you are a member make sure you are logged in to get the member savings.  You can help with this too by sharing the link to the store.  The store is directed to local shoppers and members but there is an option for shipping for out of town shoppers.  If you are local you can select curbside pickup or delivery.  We'll let you know when your order is ready to go out the door.

The DoTerra kit Spring Raffle that was to be drawn on April 8th is in limbo at the moment but as soon as all changes are approved by the State we will again have raffle tickets available and will let you know.  

If you have any other ideas for funding resources during this time please let me know.  In fact let me know anything you want :) Or ideas about how we should adjust our programs to continue to meet our mission while at a distance.  The Veterans Art Center will not open for any in house services or classes until it has gone through deep cleaning, sorting and organizing.  

This is a difficult time for all of us, but you're not alone: we're just as committed to helping you as we have been for the past 7 years.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.


Wendy Hoffman


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