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Newsletter - September

09/11/2020 20:35 | Wendy Hoffman (Administrator)

When will we reopen?

This is probably the number one question we get asked and I ask that you please check the forums on the website at operationrevamp.org for news and updates. Any and all information regarding our schedule will be posted there. 

Services currently available

We continue to offer art supplies at no charge to veterans, and in many cases families of veterans and the first step is to complete the online application, on the website. Ask and you may well receive.

We also help with urgent needs including bus passes, vehicle repair, food and gas cards, transportation, housing and utilities for eligible veterans.  And you guessed it, you start by filling out the online application form. Please note that nothing completely magical happens after you submit the form if you do not reply to any of my emails or texts.  

The Suburban is running and we do offer transportation.  Again, fill out the online form and you will usually get called back asap.  Once you have filled it out you can also call or text the driver at 970-462-1247 to make arrangements.

We are not yet having any art classes but we are offering some of our Healing Arts. Tai Chi is every Wednesday at 1 pm and BodyTalk every 2nd Tuesday. Both of these can be found on our event calendar.  You will initially need to fill out the online application and then for each session you want to attend you have to register on the event page or through the email notification you receive.  These sessions are at no charge to eligible veterans.

Sales and giveaways

We might be closed to the public but please remember that we do have a lot of things for sale, some listed in the online store, and we do provide curbside pickup, and in some cases, delivery. We also have a ton of art and craft supplies, crafting magazines, patterns and more that are free or almost free and we need to get them cleared out so we can get ready to open. We have a large inventory of essential oils and several boxes of herbal supplements and more. We also have some shop equipment and a couple of photo enlargers for sale, and I will hopefully get that listed soon but you don't have to wait. 

What I just said and more

I will sum this all up with a few very important points. 

  • We are not yet open to the public and I am working from home.
  • We continue to provide many services and healing art sessions
  • An Online Application is required for almost everything (but you only need to do it once)
  • We are organizing and have lots of stuff that needs to go.
  • The forums on the website are there to provide you with current news and information on everything we do and what we plan on doing next. 
  • I am easiest to reach by email at wendy@operationrevamp.org or by text at 970-424-2312. You can also try phoning but if you are not in my contact list you will likely go to voice mail. Please leave a message.
  • We currently have 158 lapsed members.  You can fix this by logging in, resetting your membership (or click renew but make sure it doesn't still say lapsed) and click the link for an invoice.  You can then pay online, or drop by the studio and drop it off, or mail it. There is no need to print out the invoice.
  • Financially we are struggling.  Our membership, donation and sales income that we need to continue to function has all but come to a screeching halt.  We still have monthly expenses, even while we are not open, and it is hard to manage them with no income.  Our total public support income for July and August was $248.  With those figures the question should not be 'when'  we will open but 'if' we will ever be able to open.

A reminder that our Facebook group is for anyone to post.  Feel free to share, post, ask questions or anything else that is non-political.  I do post a lot of community announcements there if you are just a follower, but this is a group and we're all in it so I do invite you to use it, even if you just want sympathy for your stubbed toe.  Its why we're here. If you have not yet joined the group please join us now on FaceBook.

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