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10/17/2020 09:39 | Wendy Hoffman (Administrator)

We really want to get some of our classes up and running.  I am providing a link below for an online survey on class interest.  With this feedback I will be able to work on providing classes that you want.  Rather than randomly throwing classes on the schedule that no one attends we want to focus on scheduling classes that our veterans and families are interested in so please complete the online survey

Additionally, the survey will help us contact the participants interested in the classes we schedule. Class sizes will be  limited and preregistration will be mandatory so we can allow the instructors planning opportunities. 

Depending on class and instructor requirements the classes will be held at the Veterans Art Center or elsewhere. All materials and equipment will be provided.  Classes are no charge for veterans, and, in most cases, at no charge for immediate family members. Registration for scheduled classes will be available online directly through the event calendar or through the link in your email notification.  

Tai Chi and BodyTalk are already running and  information for each of these is available on the event calendar.  As new classes are scheduled they will also be listed on the event calendar. 

Classes will range from single event 1 or 2 hour classes to ongoing classes on a weekly or biweekly schedule for up to 8 weeks.  No art classes will extend beyond 8 sessions. In this way there will be opportunity for new students to start at the beginning without trying to jump in half way through.  Registration for the extended session art classes will be required prior to startup and no late entry will be allowed.

For the single event 1 or 2 hour classes the class description will include the goal or project of that particular class and they will all be 'once and done' but you are able to register for as many as you want.

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Goal: $22,312.00
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