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New Art: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

  • 04/27/2019 15:42
    Message # 7306815
    DAVE WADSWORTH (Administrator)

    The truth about new art is about it is as affordable as it's ever going to get whether it's bad, good or great. 

       If you like it, you can afford it and you have room to put it; put it someplace where you see it every day. If it doesn't cost any more than a new electronic device, purse, or a new pair of pants get it.  Choose things that have a special meaning to you or that are just crazy strange.  You can keep art or give it away as a gift. . People art remember the art they are given and the people who give it to them. It will be something truly unique to have in your possession.  If you like it that is good enough. Just think if one of your ancestors had purchased a bunch of Van Gogh's paintings at his going price when he was still alive you’d be a multi-millionaire today.  There is a chance that you'll be leaving that legacy for your children or great-grandchildren and then again you may just be buying something you’re going to enjoy for a few years and get rid of it a yard sale. Who knows?  That's the way life is.  Take your chances and sometimes you win big.     In the long run art is a much better investment than the latest computer (you will be lucky if is worth anything in a year), a new handbag or the most stylish pair of pants that any amount of money can buy.  At least you have something cool to put where you live at best you will be working on becoming a multi-millionaire....   Art is crazy fun to shop for and if you are adventurous enough you go to where it is being created and get to know the people who create it.   They are way more eclectic and full of interest ways of looking a life’s possibilities than most people you encounter in at Walmart and more real than many people you encounter online.   Help stomp out hum drum ordinary boredom!  Do it today!   It will change your life when you let it in!


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